Supplier Performance Management (GradeCard)

Why should I care about supplier quality and delivery performance?

There are a tremendous amount of profit dollars lost as a result of poor supplier quality and delivery performance. The profit leakage goes right to the bottom line of the balance sheet. Improving supplier performance plugs the profit leakage holes.

What does grading my suppliers offer me?

Aberdeen Group found an average cost savings of 26.6% for companies that implemented supplier performance measurement systems. Smoother internal procurement and manufacturing operations occurred, and suppliers better understood their performance expectations and accomplishments.

Where does the data for GradeCard® come from?

Data used to grade supplier performance comes from automatically downloaded in-house information system(s). Quality product rejections and defects are the only data added manually.

Is data in my information system modified by GradeCard®?

GradeCard® reads data exported from your in-house information system and never sends information back to the in-house system. All data flow is one way from the in-house system to the GradeCard®database. In this way, information is always in sync with enterprise company data behind a secure information firewall.

May I view/compare supplier performance across my enterprise?

Yes. The GradeCard® system offers the ability to globally view and compare supplier performance, spending levels, and purchase price variance data among and between company plant sites. Individual installations of GradeCard® across an enterprise of plant sites may be linked to provide management with an eagle’s view of supplier quality, delivery and financial performance.

How long does it take to implement GradeCard®?

Implementation of GradeCard®, which includes on-site staff training, requires a total of two weeks once a data interface is developed.

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