Products Overview

Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® offers quick and accurate information to your desktop located any place in the world. Our supply chain solutions include supplier performance management, quality assurance audit tracking, global performance monitoring, and laboratory management systems.  We also provide hosting services for any of our quality related systems, and customized development in web-based or client\server architectures for any business need that we can understand.




We pride ourselves with offering innovative solutions that catch the eye of other manufacturers as they tour your company and happen to see your global quality management system.  We achieve innovation by creating software systems that are:

  1. Deep featured that provide exactly what customers require,
  2. Intelligently designed that allows users to realize that forethought and creativity were important in the systems creation process,
  3. Complete with use support and documentation for all aspects of the system, and
  4. Elegant in look and feel.

 We want our customers to be proud to show-off the systems that we develop and support.  Our professional development skills are crafted by   current, non-proprietary technologies. We strive to provide robust, reliable, flexible, and supported business solutions at affordable prices in both hosted and non-hosted environments. We take special pride in developing strong business relationships with our customers by delivering professional solutions on time, as promised, tailored to the  business needs, and at agreed upon prices. Our solutions support your business process and reporting needs and provide opportunities for business acumen of its users that can lead to discoveries that enhance business decisions and market strategies.


Our quality assurance systems may be used in any industry segment including aerospace, automotive, chemical, consumer goods, electronics, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, retail, steel, textiles and apparel, and utilities. From handicraft to high tech, our quality management solutions monitor and report  product quality performance from raw materials to finished goods manufacturing for industrial, government, and fabrication manufacturers.

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