Why Choose LYONS?

We provide customer tailored, web-based solutions that require a minimal outlay of upfront cash, are risk free, supported, and industry tested. We work with our customers as partners during customization. Customers test their systems as they are developed, insuring that the completed system meets the business needs.

Risk free

We offer software escrows for all of our systems through a third party escrow company. Customers get access to their source code materials if Lyons should no longer support their system. The software language is a common Microsoft language used in the majority of web-based quality management systems today.

No Yearly Maintenance Fees

With our hosted systems, customer yearly maintenance fees are waived. This means that 24/7 phone and email support is free. Unhosted systems require a small annual maintenance fee.

Significant Savings

Our systems offer significant savings as compared to our competitors:

  • no seat licensing: any number of users may be added without additional costs.
  • no yearly maintenance fees: email and phone support for our hosted products are free.
  • no in-house IT resources needed for hosted products: we create fully user-managed systems that do not require customer IT staff intervention.
  • free updates: any system updates are offered to all of our customers free of charge.
  • single monthly service fee for hosted systems

Free Updates

All system enhancements or changes added by Lyons to any of our base products are offered to each customer at no charge.

Reasonable Hosting Fees

A reasonable monthly hosting fee is charged through an ASP Agreement between Lyons and our customer. There are no other costs charged by Lyons for your hosted custom quality management system.

Free Support

We offer free support to customers using our hosted systems, and guarantee 99.5% uptime availability to users. We offer an affordable annual maintenance agreement to customers who choose to purchase a license rather than have their system hosted.

Initial Costs

We customize our base product to meet each customer's unique business needs. This customization cost is the only charge to a new customer for a hosted system. If a customer chooses to purchase a license rather than have their system hosted, there is a licensing fee in addition to the customization fee.

Tailored Solutions

We create a customized quality solution quickly and affordably. This is a significant advantage for our customers. During the customization process, a customer may view the changes at any time using a secured, web link to our development environment. In this way, customers learn to use their new quality management system as well as insure that what is delivered meets their business needs. This has been a highly effective strategy for delivering tested, custom products that immediately add value and meet expectations.

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