Training and Professional Services

Training and Professional Services

Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® provides training and professional services to support our software solutions.

User Training

Lyons develops software solutions collaboratively so that customers can view and explore their solution on a secured website as customizations to the product, if requested, are being developed. This collaborative development environment decreases the need for training and increases the speed of adoption of new software solutions in the production environment. One web-based training session is included in the license price of all Lyons Information Systems, Inc.®’s products.Additional custom training is available on-site for a fee that is based upon the number of participants and the length of the training. Custom training packages can be developed to include training for system administrators as well as users.

Professional Services

The GradeCard® product provides companies with valuable information that can be leveraged to improve supplier performance as well as in-house procurement effectiveness. Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® provides professional services that assist companies in using GradeCard® data to drive supplier improvement. This includes assistance with:

  • Developing management processes that establish a climate of procurement excellence
  • Designing and facilitating meetings with in-house purchasing staff to examine the implications of GradeCard®’s analysis and to create action plans
  • Designing and facilitating meetings with suppliers to develop shared expectations and clear understanding of measurement procedures and criteria
  • Developing reward systems for supplier excellence
  • Developing processes for working with suppliers to foster improvements in response to documented problems

The Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System provides companies with valuable information that can be used to improve the consistency of the quality of supplied products. Professional services are available that assist companies in using LQATS to drive improvement. This includes assistance in developing management processes that:

  • Establish clear expectations for quality
  • Provide rewards for suppliers that meet or exceed those expectations
  • Provide a process for improvement in those suppliers that fall short of expectations
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