LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System

LQATS provides value in the following ways.

Immediate access and visibility of important quality audit data across the business enterprise

  • Data displayed in both tabular and graphical formats. 
  • Real-time entry, tracking, and analysis of quality audit data from DC and Supplier plant locations. 
  • User entry of audits and inspections directly into a central database. 
  • Automatic recording of changes to audits and inspections. 
  • Automatic email alerts to suppliers and staff personnel whenever audit failures occur. 
  • Integrate information from cutting centers, rental locations, mills, suppliers, and distribution centers. 

Supplier access and visibility

  • Remote supplier access and secured reporting. 
  • Ability to communicate files for download for mills and suppliers. 
  • Disposition log automatic tracking of failed audits. 


  • Ability to manage user access and data visibility from user-defined Roles
  • User management of system support information through user roles
  • A system managed and maintained by staff within the company data firewall

Insight into company processes

  • Measurements reporting.
  • Six sigma analysis
  • Gather and report Rental Locations audit information


  • Create and assign new AQL values to new or existing sampling plans.
  • Manage garment styles, attributes, sizes and specifications.
  • Flexible search and query abilities for all audit and inspection data with the system.
  • Remote user connectivity for entry of audit and inspection data.

Reports from the Report menu

  1. Audit Defects Breakdown Summary
  2. Overall Location Defective Ratings
  3. Overall Location Quality Ratings
  4. Overall Supplier Defective Ratings
  5. Overall Supplier Quality Ratings - OQL
  6. Supplier Audit Comparison
  7. Supplier Defects Summary
  8. Supplier Irregulars
  9. Supplier Performance
  10. Targeted Supplier Performance
  11. Targeted Supplier Trends - Monthly
  12. Targeted Supplier Trends - Yearly
  13. Top Ten Suppliers - FAS/FS/PROMO
  14. Delinquent Daily Rental Audits
  15. Rental Bulk Summary
  16. Rental Bulk Weekly
  17. Rental Location Audit Summary
  18. Rental Location Performance Chart
  19. Rental Mats
  20. Rental Performance
  21. Rental Quality Audit Performance
  22. Wrapped Days Performance Chart
  23. Measurements Variance
  24. Mill Fabric Defects
  25. Mill Fabric Inspection - Detail
  26. Mill Fabric Inspection - Summary
  27. Administrative Reports
  28. Six Sigma Analysis
  29. Six Sigma Summary
  30. Customer Returns
  31. Distribution Center DC - All Errors Detail
  32. Distribution Center DC - Total Errors by Shift
  33. Distribution Center DC - Work In Progress WIP Audit Summary
  34. Distribution Center DC - Work In Progress WIP Errors Summary
  35. Distribution Center DC Outbound Errors Summary
  36. Distribution Quality Audit Summary
  37. Production Line Errors Summary
  38. Ruined Garments
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