Custom Solutions Development

Lyons Custom Solutions Development

Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® offers custom software solution development to companies that require a unique response to their business problems. Our team is excited about assisting companies to meet their needs for comprehensive business-critical information systems. We develop solutions that are:

  • Related to supply chain issues
  • Web-based or client-server-based
  • Flexible and responsive to a company’s unique characteristics
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Hosted at our hosting facility or run from behind a company’s firewall
  • Delivered on time and within budget
  • Affordable

Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® has developed a quick, straightforward, and cost-effective implementation approach geared towards delivering specific business results and a rapid return-on-investment that is tailored to your company's needs. During our system planning and development periods, we take the time to fully understand your business needs. Foremost in our mind are end-user adoption, ease-of-use, and measurable business results. We use a modular approach to system design that enables very quick response times and great flexibility.


We work collaboratively to understand the business problem and incorporate your business objectives into the implementation plan.

Process Analysis and Design

For custom solutions development, or to tailor one of our existing products to your business requirements, we work with you to understand your business processes, data architecture, and reporting requirements. From the business requirements a "straw man" solution is created that both communicates our perceived goals and defines expectations.

Solution Build

Our development process offers a unique collaborative experience between our development staff and our customers. As functional requirements are met, our customers may view progress during development on a secure website. By allowing our customers this ability, future users of the new solution become familiar with its use and testing time is significantly shortened. Most important, our customers develop a sense of ownership by directly participating in the development process. This collaborative development dynamic insures that your solution will meet your business needs, generates a sense of ownership among key stakeholders, and immediately gives a status of completion of the project. We have found this process to be very important to deliver quality software products to the business community.


Prior to product delivery and installation, our customers may use and test the completed system on a secure website. The collaborative development process minimizes the time needed for the final testing period.

Deployment and Training

Our solutions may be fully hosted by Lyons Information Systems, Inc.® or deployed to our customer’s information servers. Training is provided at the customer’s site. User documentation and technical documentation are provided as well.

Ongoing Support

Our built-in support plan makes it convenient for a customer to call us 24/7. Questions and enhancement needs are quickly addressed.


The result is the delivery of a customer solution that insures successful implementation, on time, as expected, and at the contractually agreed upon price.

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