Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System

Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS)® is a robust, flexible, web-based solution to gather, analyze and display quality audit results generated by staff and suppliers of a manufacturing organization.

Laboratory Management System (LLMS)

The Lyons Laboratory Management Systems (LLMS) is a web-based hosted, or non-hosted product testing system that allows for quick entry of product test information from local or remote requestors, creation of test jobs, preformatted test results

GradeCard® Supplier Performance Management System

GradeCard® is a robust enterprise software system that captures data from a customer's ERP system, stores the data in a non-proprietary database, compiles, and analyzes the data to provide customer insights into supplier performance in the form of a periodic, electronically transmitted GradeCard®.

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LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System to track Supplier Audit Performance.
In the business world, maintaining a competitive advantage is often linked to knowing when the business environment changes or a competitor's position changes in the marketplace. Competitive advantage is often linked to… Read More
LLMS – Lyons Laboratory Management System
Lyons Laboratory Management System (LLMS) streamlines the material, garment and fabric laboratory testing process. It is a cloud-based mobile and web LIMS system that is designed for quick yet comprehensive throughput… Read More
GradeCard® Supplier Performance Management System
GradeCard® is a robust enterprise software system that captures data from a customer's ERP system, stores the data in a non-proprietary database, compiles, and analyzes the data to provide customer insights into… Read More
GPM – Global Performance Monitoring System
GPM provides a worldwide picture of your company’s health, accurately, quickly and in real-time on a single webpage. GPM allows easy viewing of your worldwide factories, suppliers, mills, distribution centers, or any… Read More
LQAPS - Lyons QMS Audit Pro System
What is QMS Audit Pro? Quality Management System - QMS Audit Pro is an audit, issue capture and corrective action platform that's used over 15,000 times a month. QMS Audit Pro lets your team collect consistent data,… Read More

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Value Analyzer

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Quality Tracking

This article outlines important questions and techniques to consider when approaching the process of implementing a new quality assurance system, i.e., buy or build Read More


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