LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System
GradeCard® Supplier Performance Management System
LLMS – Lyons Laboratory Management System
GPM – Global Performance Monitoring System
GradeCard® is a robust supplier performance
management software solution that provides:
Rapid return on investment
Effective process for supplier management
Rapid identification of supplier deficiencies
Improved supplier on-time delivery
Improved product quality
Increased service effectiveness
Stronger contract renegotiation positions
Uniform supplier performance criteria
Added value to existing information systems
Visibility of spending information
Improved in-house procurement performance
Using GradeCard®, you can:
Increase profits associated with improved supplier performance
Decrease costs associated with supplier problems with quality, delivery and service
Decrease costs associated with manual data entry to in-house supplier management systems
Decrease costs associated with in-house purchasing performance problems
Benefit from enterprise-wide data visibility
Increase profits from decreased supplier product rejects
Realize and document problem areas in the supply chain
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