LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System
GradeCard® Supplier Performance Management System
LLMS – Lyons Laboratory Management System
GPM – Global Performance Monitoring System
Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS)® is a robust, flexible, web-based solution to gather, analyze and display quality audit results generated by staff and suppliers of a manufacturing organization. The secured system offers staff and suppliers real-time access to create, manage, and report audit information in a secure data environment. LQATS gathers real time audit information worldwide from:
Suppliers (shipment audits)
Company auditors (final audits)
Distribution centers
Manufacturing plants
LQATS is fully managed by a company’s staff and permits changes to system support data as business strategies change. All system components and audit results information reside behind the manufacturer’s data firewall, and are maintained by a company’s staff. LQATS can be hosted behind a company’s firewall; fully hosted solutions are also available from Lyons Information Systems, Inc.®  As with all of our systems, an unlimited number of users and data collection sites are supported at no additional charge.  Our systems are supported by non-proprietary hardware and software and managed by system administrators at each customer site.

Quality audit and inspection information within the system emanates from two sources: manual data entry, and electronic data imports of new and changed information from a company’s legacy database system. Examples of user-entered data include audits, inspection, and company specific information, files to make available to users when they login such as when product specification changes occur, news worthy information, etc.  Electronically imported data may include any commonly used file types or other information housed in legacy systems that need not be communicated to users after the LQATS login process.

Product suppliers, mills, distribution centers and other supporting locations that send product to companies using LQATS may perform their own out-going audits prior to shipment directly from LQATS of their customers.  The system is designed to allow access and creation of product audits and/or final inspections from outside supportive sources prior to shipment.  Quality comparisons between audits of products shipped by a supplier, for example, and received by a distribution location may be performed in LQATS as well. 

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