LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System
GradeCard® Supplier Performance Management System
LLMS – Lyons Laboratory Management System
GPM – Global Performance Monitoring System
Lyons Information Systems, Inc.®’s Quality Audit Tracking System is a robust, fully web-based software solution with a multitude of useful features that are easy to access and intuitive to use.
LQATS provides real-time entry, tracking, and analysis of quality audit data from Distribution Centers and Supplier plant locations. Features include:
"Smart controls" to minimize user data entry and retrieval tasks
Change History tracking
Quick search of data using many different query parameters
Real-time global performance monitor
Fabric Inspections
Six-sigma analysis
Disposition log
Data displayed in both tabular and graphical formats with output to Excel, PDF, and HTML formats
LQATS is managed from inside the company to respond to the company’s business rules and to change as the company changes. Features include:
User access is easily managed from user-defined Roles
User management of system support information
Company administration of user profiles, reports and access
Defects definitions are easily managed by category and type
Complete style information management including tolerances, measurements, etc.
Supports multiple AQL levels
Ability to manage sampling plans data and map to AQL levels
LQATS provides a real-time, world-wide view of quality performance at support locations of a company.
LQATS includes remote supplier access and secured reporting.
LQATS uses a non-proprietary database (SQL Server) and imports data from in-house legacy systems, including procurement, product, and supplier data.
LQATS provides flexible, robust and intuitive reporting tools in addition to the ability to query the database. These include:
Audit Defects Breakdown Summary
Receiving Audit Summary Report
Overall Supplier Quality Ratings Report
Overall Supplier Defective Ratings Report
Overall Location Defective Ratings Targeted Supplier Trends Reports
Targeted Supplier Performance
Administrative Reports
Supplier Performance Comparisons Report
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