LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System
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LLMS – Lyons Laboratory Management System
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Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS) improves your competitive edge by providing real-time information about the quality performance of your suppliers. You can identify problems quickly and work with suppliers to improve their performance so that you can improve your bottom line.

Quality audit tracking allows a company to focus specifically on quality audits, creating consistent standards and criteria and measuring suppliers’ performance in relation to those standards. As a result, companies can work collaboratively with suppliers to improve their performance. This results in improved quality and, therefore, improved profits and decreased costs.

One customer, for example, reported a 50% decrease in defects found at its worldwide manufacturing plants as a result of using LQATS.

Benefits include:
Improved supplier quality performance as a result of responses to consistent measurement
Rapid return on investment
The ability to respond to problems quickly as a result of real-time data from strategic business locations
Decreased personnel costs as a result of automating data collection processes
Improved accuracy of information
Decreased costs associated with movement of staff to locations where information is to be gathered
Customer Testimonial

When asked by a prospective customer about LQATS, one of our customers wrote:
“As you know data collection is sometimes a very cumbersome task, one that not only involves a great deal of effort in getting the data, entering it into a system, but then what do you do with it once you have it. What we have found out is that speed is most critical, in the fact that once the system and procedure on how to collect and enter it has been accomplished, then you can decide on how the system will respond. I will give you an example, normally it would take several weeks to compare data from a factory and my in field auditors, where as now we can achieve this in seconds. We have saved ourselves some very serious amounts of down time due to getting the data we needed in order to make the best decision. Data collection is in fact a preventive in the cost of quality, as you are using that data to make business decisions, whether the data is collected during or after the actual event. The question you have to answer is how much is the data worth, how fast do you want it, and how do you want to see it. We honestly found the solution in the Lyons program. I can assure you that the data we have received from our system has made us a better QA department in our efforts to be preventive driven.

We have also been able to reduce staff in certain areas, due to having our suppliers input data, that was previously done by my staff.

1. Speed of reporting
2. Ability to view data and analyze with in the same system
3. Very user friendly and training was minimal
4. Very flexible in adjustments to our business needs
5. The system helps in answering questions that may normally take weeks to have answers on

I hope this helps”.

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